Previewing Day 2 of the Big Ten Conference Tournament

Well, day one is in the books on the Big Ten Tournament and Ohio State and Purdue picked up victories. Ohio State had an 8th inning rally which accounted for all five of their runs to beat Minnesota 5-3. Purdue was down 2-0 before firing off seven unanswered runs which, behind the right arm of Matt Morgan was plenty to cruise passed Penn State. You can find plenty of recaps around the web, so I won’t spend too much time on that.

Let’s look ahead to tomorrow where Ohio State will take on the top seed Illinois Fighting illini. Meanwhile, The Boilermakers win got them a match up with the second-seeded Michigan State Spartans. As a result of their losses, fifth-seeded Minnesota will play sixth-seeded Penn State, as well.

What I will do is use a method called the Log5 to determine the likelihood each team wins their games tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry »


Big Ten Conference Recap: Ohio State Pitching

The team pitching recaps from the 2010 season are all linked to under the 2010 Season Recap tab. This is the eighth installment, focusing on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

After a brief break to look at some Runs Above Average for individual pitchers, I’m back to my team-by-team pitching reviews for the 2010 season.

The Ohio State Buckeyes pitching could easily be summed up in two words: Alex Wimmers. But, that doesn’t make for a good read, does it? If you paid attention to the leader boards I posted in both of my RAA posts, you’ll note a lack of OSU pitchers on there not named Wimmers.

Below are the raw statistics for the Ohio State pitching staff in 2010:

Name CL K% BB% K-BB% BABIP Pitches TBF
Best, Eric SR 0.183 0.076 0.107 0.352 757 224
Bobinski, Brian JR 0.085 0.127 -0.042 0.429 234 71
Brown, Cole FR 0.000 0.182 -0.182 0.412 72 22
McKinney, Brett FR 0.158 0.134 0.024 0.372 1004 291
Minium, Theron JR 0.127 0.106 0.021 0.299 637 189
Rucinski, Drew JR 0.170 0.089 0.080 0.373 1143 336
Shin, Eric JR 0.143 0.143 0.000 0.429 146 42
Strayer, Jared JR 0.115 0.109 0.005 0.343 589 183
Wimmers, Alex JR 0.293 0.085 0.207 0.322 1068 294
Wolosiansky, Dean JR 0.147 0.081 0.066 0.369 1511 455

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