2012 Recaps: Illinois Hitting

I will be posting hitting, pitching, and defensive updates for each team in the Big Ten to recap their 2012 seasons with the proper scrutiny. Those are linked at the 2012 Season Recaps tab at the top right. I have no planned schedule on when I will have them posted, but the order is going to be alphabetical. Their timing will likely be sporadic, however.

The Fighting Illini finished the 2012 campaign three games over .500 at 28-25. Boyd Nation currently has Illinois ranked 96th overall. Despite this, the Illini finished just 11-13 in conference play, in a tie for sixth place which left them on the outside of the Big Ten Tournament invitees. This is a recap of their hitting as both a team and individuals.

As a Team

On the whole, the Illini were middle-of-the-road offensively. Their 309 runs on the season were the sixth most in the conference. Illinois posted a 0.326 Weighted On-Base Average (wOBA; refer to this post for more links on what wOBA is) which was a shade over the 0.320 conference average. That gives Illinois seven runs above average offensively which was actually the fourth-best mark in the Big Ten.

106 106 99 104 0.326 7 103
Ranking 6 3 7 3 4 4 4

Categories with a plus sign are put on the OPS+ scale where 100 is league average Read the rest of this entry »

Previewing Day 2 of the Big Ten Conference Tournament

Well, day one is in the books on the Big Ten Tournament and Ohio State and Purdue picked up victories. Ohio State had an 8th inning rally which accounted for all five of their runs to beat Minnesota 5-3. Purdue was down 2-0 before firing off seven unanswered runs which, behind the right arm of Matt Morgan was plenty to cruise passed Penn State. You can find plenty of recaps around the web, so I won’t spend too much time on that.

Let’s look ahead to tomorrow where Ohio State will take on the top seed Illinois Fighting illini. Meanwhile, The Boilermakers win got them a match up with the second-seeded Michigan State Spartans. As a result of their losses, fifth-seeded Minnesota will play sixth-seeded Penn State, as well.

What I will do is use a method called the Log5 to determine the likelihood each team wins their games tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Ten Conference Recap: Illinois Pitching

After looking at the Michigan State pitching staff on Monday, I will now look at the remaining teams in the conference alphabetically. We’ll kick it off with the Fighting Illini.

Illinois was middle-of-the-pack in the Big Ten with 347 runs allowed on the season. However, that’s where the good news ends. As a team, they struck out the second fewest hitters as judged by their strikeout percentage (K/total batters faced) at just 12.5% while having the fourth highest walk and hit-by-pitch percentage as well. The likely cause for Illinois finishing fifth in the Big Ten in runs allowed is the league’s lowest BABIP against — just .329 which puts them about 5% below the league average of .345 — and in a sample of 2000 batters faced, that becomes a substantial amount of hits.

Below is the Illini’s individual pitching raw data:

Name K% BB% K-BB% BABIP dERA Pitches TBF
Anderson, John 0.173 0.125 0.048 0.284 7.34 361 104
Barrett, Billy 0.052 0.172 -0.121 0.244 9.58 198 58
Braun, Wes 0.144 0.111 0.033 0.354 5.08 309 90
Chmielewski, Nick 0.158 0.105 0.053 0.538 4.14 67 19
de la Torriente, B. 0.100 0.108 -0.009 0.333 7.38 750 231
Johnson, Kevin 0.156 0.118 0.038 0.313 5.71 1146 340
Kimes, Corey 0.102 0.170 -0.068 0.359 6.22 298 88
Libby, Tanner 0.125 0.146 -0.021 0.257 5.17 166 48
Manson, Kevin 0.072 0.077 -0.004 0.321 7.02 736 235
Milroy, Matt 0.142 0.184 -0.043 0.396 7.12 501 141
Roberts, Bryan 0.246 0.102 0.144 0.289 3.04 415 118
Sterk, Mike 0.064 0.072 -0.008 0.295 6.03 391 125
Strack, Will 0.148 0.148 0.000 0.340 6.80 767 223
Zerrusen, Lee 0.101 0.141 -0.039 0.356 7.79 1022 306

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