I’ve been a Michigan State fan for as long as I can remember, mainly focusing on the basketball and football teams. However, after finding my way into Sabermetrics, baseball moved to be my first sports love.

Since the early winter of 2008, I’ve been collecting and adjusting division 1 college offensive statistics. I attempt to neutralize for both park and strength of schedule. This allows for cross-comparisons and seeing who were the best hitters in each of the years I track. The data isn’t complete, as I currently track just 14 of the conferences.

In the spring of 2010, I became engrossed into the College World Series and I decided the best way to get into college baseball, I figured blogging about the Big Ten, and my favorite team, would be the best way to do so.

What you’ll find here

  • Advanced statistics to measure team and individual performance
  • Sabermetrics
  • Series recaps

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